Special UTIG Seminar 02/15/2017

Dr. Scott Henderson (Cornell University) Geodetic observations and reservoir models of active magmatic intrusions in the Central Andes An exciting area of volcano research today is to better understand what have been labeled “zombie systems” - those that exhibit many signs of unrest but haven’t erupted in recorded history. This presentation focuses on two such systems in the Central Andes that have not erupted for thousands of years, but have undergone extraordinary surface doming over the last several decades: Uturuncu Volcano in southwest Bolivia and Lastarria Volcano in central Chile. I will present a synthesis of two decades of InSAR observations (1992 to 2011) as well as new continuous GPS measurements (2010 to 2015) at Uturuncu Volcano, as well as recent InSAR and campaign GPS survey results at Lastarria. These observations are compared to geomorphic indicators such tilted lake terraces to consider the longevity of current cm/yr uplift rates. Finally, I discuss how surface geodetic measurements have been used to evaluate various models of magma transport including en mass diapiric ascent and flow between reservoirs in the lower crust and mid crust.