2020 02 07 Alexey Portnov, Ohio State University

Speaker: Alexey Portnov, Postdoctoral Fellow, Ohio State University Host: Manasij Santra and Steve Phillips Title: Gas hydrates in dynamic geological systems Abstract: Natural gas hydrate, a solid compound of water and gas, exists in permafrost regions, under ice sheets and in deep ocean sediments (≥400 m water depth). These dynamic geological systems sequester and release carbon by modulating the stability of gas hydrate. In the Arctic, significant amounts of methane emissions are controlled by climate sensitive permafrost and glacial dynamics. Dissociation of sub-permafrost and subglacial gas hydrate reduces the cohesive properties of the sediment increasing its geohazard potential, while the released greenhouse gas may contribute to the atmospheric carbon budget. Deep ocean depositional systems are less climate sensitive than in the Arctic. There, gas hydrate is investigated as an unconventional future energy resource with potentially recoverable gas hydrate existing in sand-rich reservoirs. During this seminar I will discuss Arctic gas hydrate systems (Kara Sea permafrost regions and glaciated Barents Sea shelf) as well as the recently discovered salt-controlled reservoirs in coarse-grained depositional systems in the northern Gulf of Mexico. The major questions are: how sensitive is gas hydrate to environmental changes in the Arctic; what are the key elements of hydrate reservoir exploration and characterization in deep waters?